III Afro-carioca Seminar

The III Afro-Carioca Seminar: In the backyards of Grande Madureira happened from November 26 to 28, at the State University of Rio de Janeiro.

The Seminar was a result of the project of the Afro-Digital Museum Rio de Janeiro (http://museuafrodigitalrio.org), “Memory between generations in the samba gardens of Grande Madureira”, developed since 2012, on the rituals and traditions that permeate the celebrations in the backyards of the houses of the region, samba “aunts”, mothers and fathers, composers and interpreters, jinguiros and cooks of Afro-religious cooking. The choice of the region of Grande Madureira to register the backyards occurred due to the importance of the place as a space that includes several traditional neighborhoods in the suburbs of Rio, such as Oswaldo Cruz, birthplace of the Portela samba school, as well as Morro da Serrinha, birthplace of the Serrano Empire and Jongo da Serrinha.

In addition, we understand that a re-signification of these quintals can be found in the parties held in the samba schools, in the Feira das Iabás, in parties in the Madureira Park, in the charming dances of the Viaduct of Madureira, in the processions and carreates in homage to São Jorge, in April and the Iemanjá, in December and in the circulations and transits by the neighborhood, including traditional points, like Mercadão of Madureira.

Organizing Committee of the Third Afro-Carioca Seminar: In the backyards of the Grande Madureira

Ana Paula Alves Ribeiro
Gabriel da Silva Vidal Cid
Guilherme Ferreira Vargues
Maria Alice Rezende Gonçalves
Maurício Barros de Castro
Myrian Sepúlveda dos Santos

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