Racial Relations and Patrimony Policies

Capa_Relacoes_Raciais_Politicas_Patrimonio At 2015 we established a partnership with Beca do Azougue Editorial for the publication of a series of books, wich the first two volumes in the press. The first, Racial Relations and Patrimony Policies, was organized by Maurício Barros de Castro and Myrian Sepúlveda dos Santos, and brings articles by researchers from Brazil and abroad on topics such as racial identity, colonialism, memories related to the slave period, and social inclusion through digital media. This book is the result of a seminar promoted by the research group Art, Culture and Power of the State University of Rio de Janeiro


The second book, Madureira at its crossroads: memory territory and identity, organized by Ana Paula Alves Ribeiro, Guilherme Vargues and Gabriel Cid, is in the press and consists on articles related to the project “Afrodigital Museum Rio de Janeiro: memory between generations in the backyards of the samba of the Grande Madureira”