Memories of Capoeira

This digital collection started with a research conducted by Gabriel Cid and Maurício Barros de Castro for the creation of virtual exhibition O Ressurgimento da capoeira no Rio de Janeiro (The Reappearance of Capoeira in Rio de Janeiro), which included newsprints from the 1950s and 1960s that were representative of a moment when capoeira players from the state of Bahia were arriving in the city. With the intent of expanding access to the dataset generated from this survey, we chose to publish the entire set of newsprints, in addition to some criminal cases involving capoeira players under articles 402 and 403. The newsprints were surveyed at the newspaper section of the National Library Foundation, and the documents were converted into digital files by the same institution. The criminal proceedings from the National Archives were converted into digital format by the technical support team of the AfroDigital Museum, and they can give us an idea of the individuals persecuted for what was the crime of playing capoeira. These lawsuits are part of a larger group and we chose to present examples from more recent cases, the last from 1938. In the same line, we surveyed the production of Brazilian Popular Music – MPB that had capoeira as a theme. Here we provide excerpts of these songs and a list, which can be expanded.



Processos Crimes


Musical Production


Masters Memory 


Baixada Fluminense’s Capoeira