Workers of Madureira

The pictures that make part of these small album called “Madureira Workers” were shot between 2013 and 2015, during my field work on this neighbourhood at rio de janeiro`s suburb. Sporadic visitor of the neighbourhood since my childhood, Madureira became a research goal in my PhD in Sociology and Anthropology by PPGSA-UFRJ. As the work I do discusses the uses and effects of some symbolic representations about the neighbourhood – which, because of their effectiveness, bring recognition and prestige to the place, – I have sought for, through observations and other methods, other possible representations of Madureira, less known by the “outsiders” of the neighborhood, and receiving smaller media investments.

For those who visit Madureira under any justification, walking along its three sides separated by two railway lines, it is impossible not to include in the imaginary about the neighborhood an intense occupation of the public space by people of all kinds. And in the midst of these people, offering goods and service, or needed information and safety in the streets and bus stops at night, the many workers who have the neighbourhood as a place of their personal strategies, of their experiences of work and persistence, of their life opportunities. The “capital of samba” has labor everywhere!

João Felipe P. Brito. Carioca from Bangu, sociologist, research and admire cities and their many possibilities of collective life.