In the backyards of Madureira


“Memória entre gerações nos quintais do samba da Grande Madureira” (“Intergenerational memory in the backyards of the Greater Madureira”) was a research project developed in 2012 on the rituals and traditions that permeate celebrations held in backyards in the Madureira district: in the homes of samba “aunts”, mãe-de-santo and pai-de-santo Candomblé priests, composers and interpreters, jongo dancers, and chefs of the Afro-religious gastronomy. The Greater Madureira district was selected for this project because of its significance as an area that encompasses many traditional neighborhoods of the carioca suburbs – such as Oswaldo Cruz, home of the Portela samba school, and Morro da Serrinha, home of Império Serrano and Jongo da Serrinha.
We also understand that these backyards are resignified in the gatherings that happen in the samba school quarters, in the Yabás Market, in celebrations at Madureira Park, in baile charme parties at the Madureira Viaduct, in processions and parades that honor Saint George in April and Iemanjá in December, and in many points through the district, including the Madureira Market.