Afrodigital Museum Conference

Seminar Art, Culture and Power 2013

The Afro Digital Museum is constituted by a national network and aims to make files and create exhibitions, democratizing knowledge and decentralizing forms of knowledge through the construction of a new language that encourages the deconstruction of constituted racial hierarchies. There is, however, no precise definition of what the new “digital museums” would be, nor much less consensus on the role they play in contemporary societies. The control of new technologies can unfold in different political and social proposals. The impact of digital museums in each society depends on the accessibility of the population to the new media, and this in turn depends on the degree of democracy acquired by each society. From this focus, the Afro Digital Museum can be understood as a device for archival and museum building of live memories, transmitted in a network, and that demands a constant dialogue between different users.

Antonio Motta (UFPE) – Afrodigital Museum Pernambuco: Digital meta-management and new forms of social insertion

Jamile Borges (UFBA) – Digital museums, mobility and memory: Bahia and Africa in the Web Network.

Maria Alice Rezende (UERJ) – The educational potential of the Afro-Digital Museums: instrumentalizing the construction of identities and ethnicities

Sergio Ferretti (UFMA) – The Afro-Digital Museum of Maranhão Problems and Perspectives

Moderators: Guilherme Vargues and Gabriel Cid