Black and Slave Life in the 19th Century

Digital Files – Black and Slave Life in the 19th Century – iconographies belonging to the National Library Foundation
Having as a starting point the survey conducted by Lilia Moritz Schwarcz and Lucia Garcia, which resulted in the book Registros Escravos: Repertório das fontes oitocentistas pertencentes ao acervo da Biblioteca Nacional (Slave Records: Repertoire of nineteenth-century sources belonging to the National Library collection), published in 2006 by the National Library Foundation, we selected a total of one hundred and fourteen documents from the iconography sector. These documents, which were converted into digital files by the institution, were chosen with the aim of proposing a view of the black population inserted in the daily life of the city: though the idea was never to deny their enslaved condition, these photos showed black men and women in non-slave situations. These images, produced almost entirely by foreign artists, have the landscape of Rio as the scenario for these archetypes, depicting primarily situations of labor, but also of leisure, violence and the Africa that was part of the city’s panorama.
Entitled “The black and slave life in the 19th Century”, these records include images that were organized, for the purpose of easier visualization, in five different folders: Architecture, with 6 items; Punishment, 12 items; The Public and the Private, 30 items; Occupations, 40 items; and Landscape, 18 items.

Architeture Room


Sala Castigos


Public and Private Room


Sala Ofícios


Landscape Room