The law 10.639 and the formation of educators – NEAB/UERJ


The collection The Law 10.639/03 and the formation of educators, composed by 5 volumes, was organised by the anthropologists Maria Alice Rezende Gonçalves and Ana Paula Alves Ribeiro, respectively coordinator and collaborator of Neab – Nucleus of Afro-Brazilian Studies of the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro – Uerj, and is directed to all interested in the inclusion of Afro-Brazilian questions in the curriculum of basic education.

For finding it relevant and useful, the organisers included in the collection the full text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (vol. 1) and Cultural Diversity (vol. 2) published by Unesco. The cover image of the two volumes are the Abayomi dolls, created by the artisan Lena Martins and made from scraps of cloth reused, tied with knots, without glue or sewing, using only scissors. To learn more about her work:

capa capa2 capa4

The First volume – African and Afro-Brazilian History and Culture at School – tbrings contemporary themes such as ethnic-racial relations, the inclusion of Afro-Brazilian in higher education, Brazilian black literature, audiovisual production, the trajectory of popular music from Angola and even the history of slave trade.

The second volume – Diversity and the Brazilian Teaching System – brings together articles that discuss school diversity from different perspectives and their implications for everyday school life, such as popular festivals, religion, jongo, capoeira, Afro-Brazilian music and dance.

The fourth book – Educational Proposals for the teaching of African and Afro-Brazilian History and Culture – presents 24 lesson plans prepared by educators participating in the III Extension Course in History and Black Culture, promoted by Neab (Center of Afro-brazilian Studies) of Uerj. Organized by Maria Alice Rezende and Vinicius Oliveira Pereira, this is the fourth volume of the series “Law 10.639 / 03 and the training of educators”.



Encarte A Lenda iabas

The third volume of the Collection is the didactic-pedagogical material created for the “III Course of Extension in History and Black Culture” offered by the Center for Afro-Brazilian Studies of UERJ (2013). The video “The Legend of the Creation of the World and the Orixás” is inspired by a legend of Yoruba origin kept alive by oral tradition.

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The fifth volume is composed by the video The iabás: Orixás and Cooks and is part of the Project Registration, Memory and Gender: visiting the legends of iabás – Didactic material for basic education. (2014-2016)
Edital e-28/2014 – support for the production of didactic material for teaching and / or research activities.
Granted: Maria Alice Rezende Gonçalves
Production and Research: Maria Alice Rezende Gonc? Alves, Ana Paula Alves Ribeiro, Cristiano Cardoso, Vinicius Oliveira Pereira.
Camera and Photography: Cristiano Cardoso, Vinicius Oliveira Pereira
Edition: Cristiano Cardoso
Narration: Vanessa Soares da Silva
Abayomi Dolls: Lena Martins
Yabás Fair Project: Marquinhos de oswaldo cruz (2009)
Participated in the Project: Dayana Doria, Edna Andrade, Juliana Freitas, Leandro Silva and Vanessa Soares da Silva.