The strength of the orishas

Developed by: Radio Rua
This series of 12 radio shows endeavors to unveil the universe of beliefs, myths and concepts of Brazilian religions of African origin, at the same time connecting them to the diversity of Brazilian music. Through legends, accounts and songs, the understanding of the world contained in the Afro-Brazilian religiosity presents itself as oral and collaborative knowledge, built by successive generations and by many voices and influences. Radio is an ideal media to multiply this oral exchange. Music – as an essential aspect of ritual, because of its sacred dimension, or as a synthesis of the cultural influences in the collection of popular songs – is the element that unifies religious practices to daily life, providing context to well-known rhymes and acting as a bridge to a better understanding of the influence of the African culture in Brazil. Each episode is dedicated to a particular orisha, its specificities, histories and myths, unfolding into issues that are fundamental for this culture. It would be impossible for this series to attempt to cover the immense diversity found in the myriad universes of the African matrix, of all of its distinct nations, and various regional influences that enriched one another in Brazil. Therefore, each show merely proposes to offer an unassuming sound portrait of these important characters that are so ingrained in Brazilian culture and music.